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Hey There

I'm Rishabh, CEO of The Big Foods, and I was just a kid when I took the first step into the wonderful world of food, back when I placed the first slide on The Big Foods Slideshow! I am now a 13-year-old working with my best friends to publicize for our website, expand the slideshow, edit and record for our YouTube channel, and interview and hire new employees, all because of that one fateful day in the 3rd grade.

History of The Big Foods

          It was January 10, 2018, and Rishabh had just heard a fantastical story about a strange house containing a flying piece of cheese! This story inspired him to make a slideshow, initially showing just cheese, which he shared with some of his friends, and the high schooler who told him the story. One of the friends he shared it with was named Dex Joseph, and he and Rishabh became the first ever Big Foods Admins, deciding to continue work on the Slideshow until there were over 200 slides! Then, unfortunately, they and everyone else forgot about it for two years. It was only when Rishabh was with his two best friends in 2021 that he recalled the existence of all of his work. These friends, who wish not to be named, asked Rishabh to send them the slide. They began work on it, and within their first week the slideshow gained hundreds of new foods. Rishabh realized that The Big Foods was growing, and it would have to adapt. On May 3, 2021, our website was created with the help of WIX. The four original admins were Rishabh, Dex, and his two friends, who assumed the titles of South_Sea_Dragon and Cosmos Cat. In a few short months, with support from members of their new community, the admins reached 1000 slides on the slideshow, formed a YouTube channel to share their work, and had turned The Big Foods into the full-fledged business that you see before you! 

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